Advanced Beginner

This level is for those who have tried to build a model ship before, or perhaps one of plastic. These models also have a simple construction, though you will meet a number of 'challenges' on the way!

BB701 FD 10 Yawl

A typical Danish seiner, with a gross tonnage of 63.43 and built in 1929/1930 at the Nyborg Shipyard in Denmark.

57.00 cm

70.00 cm

12.00 cm


BB703 Roar Ege

This Viking ship, dating from about 1000 A.D. was found in 1957 in the bay at Roskilde in Denmark.

39.00 cm

57.00 cm

14.00 cm


BB706 Winston Churchill


The three Mastet Topsail Schooner 'SIR WINSTON CHURCHILL' was built in 1965.

51.50 cm

63.50 cm

11.00 cm


BB710 Phantom

A Classic American runabout from the mid-1920s. Racing boats from that time was build in beautiful classic materials such as teak and mahogany.

15.00 cm

69.00 cm

15.00 cm


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