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BB100 US Coast Guard BB101 Royal Navy Life Boat BB200 Dana BB201 Rainbow
BB397 Building Slip BB404 La Cancalaise BB414 Colin Archer BB430 Emile Robin
BB432 Gothenburg BB437 Norske Love BB450 Half Moon BB472 Mary Ann
BB474 Cux 87 BB476 Nordkap BB478 Smit Rotterdam BB490 Wasa part I
BB490 Wasa part II BB492 Bounty BB498 HMS Victory BB500 Absalon
BB502 Vanadis Part I BB502 Vanadis Part II BB504 NEW MODEL BB506 Faimount Alpine
BB508 USS Constitution BB516 Banckert BB520 Slo-Mo-Shun IV BB522 Monterey
BB524 Evelyn Rose BB526 Andrea Gail BB528 Smit Nederland BB534 Boulogne Etaples
BB560 Calypso BB564 Cutty Sark BB570 White Star BB576 Bluenose
BB578 Lilla Dan BB580 Marie Jeanne BB582 Dragen BB586 US Coast Guard
BB588 African Queen BB592 Zwarte Zee BB600 Bluenose II BB601 Will Everard
BB603 Norden BB604 HMS Renown BB605 St. Roch BB606 Colin Archer
BB608 Andrea Gail BB609 America BB700 St. Canute BB701 FD 10 Yawl
BB703 Roar Ege BB706 Winston Churchill BB710 Phanton BB720 Oseberg
BB722 Hoogaars BB724 Martegeaux BB800 Regina BB802 La Curieuse
BB820 Mayflower BB5003 Jylland BB5005 Danmark BB5006 Coastboat Bent

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- Experts

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- Fittings
- Wood
- Tolls, glue and paint
- Radio Control Equip.