Discontinued Models

BB404 La Cancalaise (D)

The Bisquines are very well known by their characteristics and their boundless sails. The design of their hull comes from the French and English cutter of the end of 17th century.

64 cm

80 cm

13 cm


BB414 Colin Archer (D)

RS 1 was built in 1893 for the 'Norwegian Society for Shipwreck Salvage' at the Colin Archer shipyard in Rekkevig near Larvik, Norway.

133 cm

127 cm

33 cm


BB430 Emile Robin (D)

This lifeboat was named after the Parisian merchant Emile Robin, a philanthropist, cognac manufacturer ...

35 cm

61 cm

19 cm


BB432 Gothenburg (D)

Gotheborg is a replica of a vessel, owned by The Swedish East India Company, formed in 1731 in Gothenburg.

51 cm

58 cm

23 cm


BB450 Half Moon (D)

Henry Hudson (1565-1611) was an English explorer who received a commission from the Dutch East India Company to find a Northern trading route to China and Japan.

63 cm

67 cm

20 cm


BB502 Vanadis (D)

In the mid-1860’s a Swedish distilling company placed a contract with the Stockholm dockyard of Soedra Varvet for the construction of a fast, elegant sailing schooner.

130 cm

158 cm

30 cm