The Expert

The well-trained model builder will find many challenges - and many hours of intensive occupation - with these large and impressive models. These sets require lots of dexterity and a perfect technique. And you'll be on your own with a lot of the details in the models.

BB437 Norske Love

A three-masted warship launched in 1765. Length 48.93 m, breadth 9.70 m, draught 5.07 m, displacement 1,076 tons, with a crew of 402.

90 cm

101 cm

20 cm


BB490 Wasa

A three-masted royal ship launched in 1627. Length 70.00 m, breadth 11,50 m, draught 4,80 m, displacement 1,400 tons, sail area 1,150 m2, with a crew of 133 sailors and 300 soldiers.

79 cm

98 cm

19 cm


BB498 HMS Victory

HMS Victory was launched in 1765 at Chatham Dockyard and was commissioned in 1778. She continued in active service for the next 34 years which included her most famous moment “the Battle of Trafalgar” in 1805.

89 cm

134 cm

46 cm


BB5003 Jylland

The frigate ‘Jylland’ was the last warship of the Danish Royal Navy built of oak and was the first steampowered screw driven ship...

63 cm

101 cm

13 cm


BB5005 Danmark

The Naval Training Ship DANMARK is a steel-hulled, three-masted and full-rigged ship. It was build as a training ship in 1933 at Nakskov Shipyard in Denmark.

60 cm

90 cm

18 cm


BB506 Fairmount Alpine

FAIRMOUNT ALPINE, the largest and most powerful tugs ever built for Dutch interests!

45 cm

100 cm

24 cm