A good start. Every time...
 You don't have to have built a model ship before. Or have a technical flair. Or know anything about ships. What's important is that you always choose a model which matches your own level of experience. With time and practice, you`ll gain the experience and courage necessary to try your hand on the large model ships, like the Norske Love or Wasa.


The Beginner

Choose this level if you have never tried model building before. These models all have a simple construction. But remember: Even the easiest model takes more than one evening to build!

Advanced Beginner

This level is for those who have tried to build a model ship before, or perhaps one of plastic. These models also have a simple construction, though you will meet a number of 'challenges' on the way!


The Experienced

Once you've built a few models, you'll probably find the sets in this category well within reach. Some of the more detailed work on these models, however, is left up to you.

The Expert

The well-trained model builder will find many challenges - and many hours of intensive occupation - with these large and impressive models. These sets require lots of dexterity and a perfect technique. And you'll be on your own with a lot of the details in the models.




New Releases

Our latest releases and upcoming modelboats.


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- Experts

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