Advanced Beginner

This level is for those who have tried to build a model ship before, or perhaps one of plastic. These models also have a simple construction, though you will meet a number of 'challenges' on the way!

BB904 Henriette Marie

Henriette-Marie is the first pilot cutter known from Le Havre. Built in 1847, it was piloted until 1890.

42 cm

44 cm

10 cm


BB906 Le Bayard

Fishing vessel from Fécamp on the north coast of Normandy. Built around 1850. At that time these boats were used for fishing off Newfoundland. The hulls were raw unvarnished wood and the sails were red-brown in color. In 1878 these boats were replaced by lighter ones.

38 cm

53 cm

10 cm


BB908 Esperance

A French fishing boat built in Honfleur in the bay of Le Havre in 1866. These typical boats operating in this region had a crew of 3 members, a sail area of ​​47m2 and a length always less than 10m.

42 cm

45 cm

11 cm