The Experienced

Once you've built a few models, you'll probably find the sets in this category well within reach. Some of the more detailed work on these models, however, is left up to you.

BB516 Banckert

This vessel was built in 1965 at the N.V. Scheepswerven in Millingen, Holland, and called 'Maasbank'.

42 cm

65 cm

16 cm


BB520 Slo-Mo-Shun IV

In the years before the Mariners and other local big league sports teams, Seattle had the Slo-mo-shun IV hydroplane - “Slo-mo” for short.

20 cm

75 cm

31 cm


BB528 Smit Nederland

The Smit Nederland was built in 1979 at the BV Scheepswerft & Machinefebriek 'De Merwede' in Hardinzveld, Holland.

52 cm

87 cm

27 cm


BB536 Elbjørn “Icebreaker”

In the period 1954 - 1996 M/S Elbjørn was an active part of the Danish icebreaker service.

36 cm

69 cm

16 cm


BB578 Lilla Dan

Lilla Dan was built in 1951 at the well-known shipyard in Svendborg, Denmark, by J. Ring Andersen, and constructed mainly of oak and beach.

49 cm

68 cm

12 cm


BB582 Dragen

The first Dragen was built in 1929 in Gothenburg, Sweden. The sailing characteristics of the vessel were so fine that the boat soon was used throughout the world, and especially in Europe.

100 cm

75 cm

18 cm