The Expert

The well-trained model builder will find many challenges - and many hours of intensive occupation - with these large and impressive models. These sets require lots of dexterity and a perfect technique. And you'll be on your own with a lot of the details in the models.

BB506 Fairmount Alpine

FAIRMOUNT ALPINE, the largest and most powerful tugs ever built for Dutch interests!

45 cm

100 cm

24 cm


BB510 Titanic

Titanic, the passenger liner, that sank in the Atlantic Ocean in 1912, after colliding with an iceberg...

50 cm

188 cm

20 cm


BB512 HMS Warrior

Warrior was designed and built in response to an aggressive French shipbuilding programme...

67 cm

147 cm

39 cm


BB564 Cutty Sark

A tea clipper launched in 1869. Length 85.34 m, breadth 10,97 m, draught 6,4 m and displacement of 2,133 tons.

67 cm

110 cm

15 cm


BB728 Colin Archer WOOD

RS 1 was built in 1893 for the 'Norwegian Society for Shipwreck Salvage' at the Colin Archer shipyard in Rekkevig near Larvik, Norway.

133 cm

127 cm

33 cm


BB730 Esmeralda

The Esmeralda was delivered as a four-masted topsail schooner to the Government of Chile on 15 June 1954...

56 cm

113 cm

14 cm