Models Suitable for Radio Control

BB476 Nordkap

A typical trawler from the North Sea, built in1970 at an English shipyard. Fishing area: Around Iceland and Greenland –Haul: Herrings, cod and trash fish.

43 cm

81 cm

19 cm


BB478 Smit Rotterdam

Smit Rotterdam was at the time of its completion the largest and most powerful tugboat in the world.

50 cm

90 cm

20 cm


BB500 Absalon (D)

The Absalon has during 2008, 2009 and 2010 been participating in patrolling, and capturing pirates in the waters around Somalia.

35 cm

138 cm

22 cm


BB506 Fairmount Alpine

FAIRMOUNT ALPINE, the largest and most powerful tugs ever built for Dutch interests!

45 cm

100 cm

24 cm


BB510 Titanic

Titanic, the passenger liner, that sank in the Atlantic Ocean in 1912, after colliding with an iceberg...

50 cm

188 cm

20 cm


BB516 Banckert

This vessel was built in 1965 at the N.V. Scheepswerven in Millingen, Holland, and called 'Maasbank'.

42 cm

65 cm

16 cm