Models Suitable for Radio Control

BB520 Slo-Mo-Shun IV

In the years before the Mariners and other local big league sports teams, Seattle had the Slo-mo-shun IV hydroplane - “Slo-mo” for short.

20 cm

75 cm

31 cm


BB528 Smit Nederland

The Smit Nederland was built in 1979 at the BV Scheepswerft & Machinefebriek 'De Merwede' in Hardinzveld, Holland.

52 cm

87 cm

27 cm


BB534 Boulogne Etaples

This original design can be seen in many ports along the French Channel.

39 cm

56 cm

20 cm


BB536 Elbjørn “Icebreaker”

In the period 1954 - 1996 M/S Elbjørn was an active part of the Danish icebreaker service.

36 cm

69 cm

16 cm


BB560 Calypso

The Calypso was built in the USA in 1942 as a minesweeper. She was bought in 1950 by Jacques-Yves Cousteau...

33 cm

94 cm

17 cm


BB566 Kadet

A motor boat model with plastic hull, especially designed for model builders interested in an RC model.

25 cm

54 cm

16 cm