BB910 Torborg

BB910 "TORBORG"428840 WEB1

  • Lasercut Wooden Boatkit
  • Scale 1:20 - Length 32 cm
  • Step-by-step instructions and plan
  • Additional detail photos



The “Torborg” is a classical Norwegian rowing and sailing boat. This type of vessel is widely known in Norway and was used for many purposes.

The original boat, dating from 1870, is owned by the Stavanger maritime Museum. This type of boat was used as a pilot boat. It could be rigged quickly, so that it could be quickly dispatched to the waiting ship. There was great competition among boats wanting to guide ships into the Norwegian fjords. To be competitive, manoeuvrable and speedy boats, equipped with both sails and 2-3 sets of oars, were a necessity.

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BB398 Friese Tjalk

BB398 FRIESE TJALK461082 Web

  • Lasercut Wooden Boatkit
  • Scale 1:36 - Length 60 cm
  • Parts in wood and brass
  • Step-by-step instructions and photos


In the old days, ships that were used on inland waters, were build with flat bottoms to enable them to sail in shallow waters.

To prevent them from drifting sideways with the wind, they were fitted with leeboards that could be raised or lowered as the situation demanded

One of these flat-bottomed ships was the Frisian Tjalk or Skûtsje. Every year a regatta of several days is being held on the Frisian lakes, in which the Skûtsjes of different towns complete for the honor to win the race for their hometown.

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